Vision, Mission & Objectives


Vision of Purbanchal University is

" To develop this university as the model in fulfilling the national objectives of education'.The aim is to address the present issues and long term sustainable development of the country, by alleviating the declining productivity of industries and agriculture, the increasing population and unemployment, the unsustainable development and erosion of natural resources, and the environmental deterioration and increasing vulnerability against human welfare."

At the outset, PU realised its role, although being a public university, as an interface between public and private academic institutions to provide affordable but reminiscent education to the mass while enduring self-sustenance and good-governance. The almost free education in public university on one hand and the astounding fees at private university on the other has resulted in wider anomalies and weaknesses in our education system. PU’s major challenge is to bridge the education gap through self-sustenance programs and activities, and make education affordable and accessible for all.

The University is committed to achieve academic excellence through research, teaching and practical studies in specific areas that contribute to the social, economic and sustainable development of the country. At present, the University has broadly identified Industry-Technology, Agriculture-Forestry, Environment- Rural-Cultural Subsistence and Sustainable Development as specific areas of “Academic Excellence”.